Dog Parks

Alexandria is a dog-friendly community. There is an off-leash dog park within a mile of virtually every residence in the City. Dog exercise areas are under the jurisdiction of the City’s Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities. Please direct questions about the location and maintenance of dog exercise areas to RPCA. These are the only areas in the city where dogs may exercise off leash.

When using the dog parks, please follow these rules:

  • Dogs must be attended at all times (City Code Chapter7, Article C Section 6-2-2)
  • Only three dogs per person in these areas (City Code Chapter7, Article C Section 6-2-2)
  • Dogs must be 4 months or older (City Code Chapter7, Article C Section 6-2-2)
  • Dogs must have a current rabies vaccination (City Code Chapter7, Article C Section 5-7-38)
  • Dogs must be licensed (City Code Chapter7, Article C Section 5-7-47)
  • No female dogs in season (City Code Chapter7, Article C Section 5-7-42)
  • Owners must clean up feces (City Code Chapter7, Article C Section 5-7-42)


Off-leash exercise area locations:



  • Founder’s Park – in the northwest corner at Union Street
  • Pommander Park – southwest corner of Gibbon and Union Streets
  • First and Payne Streets – city property at northeast corner
  • Braddock Road and Commonwealth – southeast corner
  • Hoof’s Run – East of Commonwealth between Oak and Chapman Streets
  • Ft. Williams and New Ft. Williams Parkways – area between parkways
  • Tarleton Park – along Old Mill Run west of Gordon Street
  • Armistead and Beauregard Streets – southeast corner
  • Chambliss Street – south of tennis courts
  • Fort Ward Park – east side of entrance
  • Timberbranch Parkway – median between Braddock Road and Oakley Place
  • Chinquapin Park – east of loop
  • Monticello Park – east entrance
  • Edison Street – cul-de-sac
  • W&OD Railroad – 200ft. at Raymond Avenue



  • Simpson Stadium Park – Monroe Avenue
  • Duke Street – 5000 block east of Beatley Library
  • Montgomery Park – corner of Fairfax and 1st Streets
  • Chetworth Park – at Chetworth Place
  • Ben Brenman Park – south of Backlick Run