First Time Home

Meet Zoey - AWLA Calendar Contest 2017 WinnerOur team has developed a few guides below to help you welcome your new pet into your home.

As always, the shelter staff at AWLA is here to assist you to help you along the way.  For animal behavior help, call 703-746-5654, or send us an email to

You can also check out our page on Behavior and Training.  Lots more handouts and tips there, too!

Helpful Tips and Handouts

Have questions about what to buy?  What to consider for your pet?  View or print these handouts below.

  • Shopping List for a New Cat – View PDF
  • Shopping List for a New Dog – View PDF
  • Information About Your Pet’s Microchip – View PDF
  • Upper Respiratory Infections – View PDF

Thank you for adopting!