Pet Behavior Assistance

Meet Tyler - AWLA Mr. April 2017 - Pet of the MonthFor animal behavior help, call 703-746-5654, or email

As a community resource, the AWLA offers a variety of assistance for all pet owners. Regardless of how your companion animal entered your life (adopted, purchased or wandered), AWLA staff members are happy to help you understand pet behaviors and resolve potential pet-related challenges.

Inquiries commonly fielded by AWLA professionals include:
  • Unwanted cat behaviors: furniture scratching, marking, not using the litterbox and aggression toward other pets and/or people
  • Unwanted dog behaviors: excessive barking, separation anxiety, housetraining problems, hyperactivity and aggression toward other pets and/or people.
  • Questions regarding other pets: introducing new pets into the home, appropriate care and housing for small animals (such as rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and others) and providing environmental enrichment for less-common animal companions.

Helpful Handouts

Meet Pete - Available for Adoption at AWLAThe AWLA has compiled information in response to the more common questions we hear. Please click below for more information on the following:

Cat Behavior

Dog Behavior