Shelter Feeling Peckish after Hawk Influx

The Animal Welfare League of Alexandria (AWLA) had an unusual number of hawk experiences in the last month.

It all began on January 30 with the arrival of a hawk who was found injured on the side of the road by a good Samaritan and transported to the shelter in the back of an SUV.  On February 21, another hawk was carried into the lobby by man whose hands were carefully protected by a pair of latex gloves.

In the days following, AWLA Animal Services responded to two more calls pertaining to hawks.  Of the four birds, one succumbed to his injuries, one was treated by Paws, Purrs and Exotics Animal Hospital before transferring to a wildlife rehab, and the last two were released back into the wild.

What do I do if I see injured wildlife?

Chief of Animal Services Brian Rees urges the public to carefully consider approaching any wildlife that may appear injured, as there are some species who will fake injury to draw attention away from their young, for example.  When in doubt, a call to AWLA Animal Services at 703-746-4774 for advice on how to proceed (or not) is recommended.