The AWLA is expecting a “shower” of kittens this spring, and invites you to donate much-needed supplies for their care. Please consider stopping by the shelter and taking a “donation umbrella” to shelter Alexandria’s Animals. 

April 15 – May 15

Don’t have time to stop by? The “AWLA Kitten Shower!” wish list at is a comprehensive list of the supplies needed by foster families to care for incoming cats and their young throughout entire kitten season, which stretches from April until October. Any purchases made from the wish list will automatically be delivered to the shelter. It’s that easy!

Feel free to make your own purchase to drop off at your convenience. Either way, we are tremendously grateful for your help, and want to share with our visitors how you “sheltered” Alexandria’s Animals. For every donation that we receive, we will be hanging a red “umbrella” on the windows of the cat visitation room! Red umbrellas will hang on the cat visitation windows from April 15 until May 15 to show appreciation of all of our generous donors.

Foster Families Needed

Are there other ways I can help?  Absolutely — AWLA is in need of new foster families to take care of these cats and their young (as well as other animals)! If you are interested in the rewarding experience of being a foster, email After attending a foster orientation, held every other Thursday and alternating Fridays, you’ll be ready to receive animals into your care. The commitment for fostering a litter averages 4-6 weeks, depending on the age of the kittens, whether they need to be bottle fed, and how long it will take until they are ready for spay/neuter surgery.

Crafts for Children!

What can my children do? Kitten claws tend to snag on many kinds of material. To prevent them from breaking or pulling out, polar fleece is the best material to line their crates.

Download these directions for a simple blanket craft that both children and adults can make to donate.