Animal Services

Since 1989, the AWLA has contracted with the City of Alexandria to provide animal care and control services for City residents. Whether patrolling dog parks, responding to citizen’s calls or caring for animals as part of our safekeeping program, the AWLA’s Animal Services Officers handle every case with balanced judgment and concern for the animals and people involved.

Every month, our officers respond to more than 200 calls for service. These calls include every possible animal concern ranging from dogs barking and running at large to wildlife that have become trapped inside residents’ homes to cruelty investigations and animal seizures. The AWLA’s Animal Services department is trained to handle domestic pets and wildlife in distress. If you think that a domestic or wild animal is in distress, please call the AWLA at 703-746-4774 or email

In addition to responding to citizens’ calls for service, Animal Services also manages the following activities:

  • Dog and cat licensing for City residents
  • Dog park patrol
  • Pet store permits
  • Safekeeping of companion animals
  • Bite reports and quarantine within the City
  • Rabies testing for animals suspected to carry the virus