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Vola Lawson: September 14, 1934 to December 10, 2013

Alexandria's First Female City Manager and Namesake of the City's Animal Shelter Passes Away at 79

We are very sorry to have to report that Vola Lawson has died.  

Vola Lawson served as City Manager for the City of Alexandria for 15 years.  In 1999, the City Council named the animal shelter after Vola Lawson because of her tireless work to develop a new shelter and create the City's contract with the AWLA.  Vola was an active member of the AWLA's Board of Directors for many years until she died. 

Vola was an absolutely incredible woman who had such a huge impact on this community. She was a true change agent and shaped the development of AWLA. 

Personally, Vola was one of the main reasons I decided to pick up my life and head across country to become the Executive Director of AWLA.  I was immediately impressed by her strength and intelligence and I knew that I wanted the very special opportunity to get to know her.   I learned so much from her and, like so many others, I have truly become a better person because of her influence. 

The Animal Welfare League of Alexandria was strengthened because of the hard work of Vola Lawson.  She deeply cared about all animals and strongly believed in the importance of our work.  All of us at AWLA are honored to carry on her legacy to improve the lives of Alexandria's animals. 

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