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I came to the AWLA one year ago (Dec. 13, 2013), in search of a new dog that I could take home and love and be my companion. After realizing my apartment would not allow me to have a puppy that was available, I went to the front to leave the shelter and got to talking with the perosn behind the desk. She had mentioned a small dog that just came available for adoption within the half hour. I thought it couldn’t hurt to see the little guy. That is when I met Bentley (his name was Panthera at the time). He seemed so scared and frightened and wouldn’t play with any toys, but he came right over to me and sat down and I knew this dog was for me. I took Bentley home the very next day. It has now been a full year with Bentley and though there are times when he barks or spills his water, I love him more than life itself. Bentley was in another shelter in DC before coming to AWLA, and I know that he had a rough time prior to him becoming part of my family, but I am so grateful that I get to spend each day with my furry best friend.


While walking around- I saw a lot of happy dogs- until I came to one cage – which look empty, but there he was- sleeping in his bed. He is a Chhuahua – seem afraid and withdrawn from his surrounding. Base from the staff- Sebastian was abandoned and was brought in to the shelter. I felt that – this little guy just need a lot of love and attention. I decided to meet w/ him – it took him 5 min. before he approach me, and other 10 min. before he allow me to hold him. He was shacking , but receptive to my warmth for him. At that moment- I thought , he need to be adopt and I needed to take him home. I introduce him to Midnight ( who I had waiting in my car) – the meet went well. Thank to the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria – I was able to take Sebastian home. The staff there made the adoption process go smoothly and informative. Thanks guys – my family is getting bigger.


I first laid my eyes on this cute little girl on your Facebook page. I thought that she will not stay long at the shelter. Next day rolled around, I check your web page as I always do – there she was- still waiting for adoption. I was at work- I called my boss and request a personal time break. I had to meet this little lady. The staff there told me that she was 14yrs and her prior owner has recently passed and the family had to give midnight up for an adoption. When I first meeted Midnight – she was a dream, small packed – but have a lot of life in her. With -in 10 minutes- she confirm my prior opinion of her. We won my heart and I had to take her home. I was not looking to break a puppy in, but looking for a friend who would complete my home. The staff at the shelter is very caring people and made my adoption process goes so smoothly- I have recommend your locate to all my friends and guests at PANERA bread. I know there are lots of adoptable cats and dogs awaiting adoption from a loving home. Thx again for Midnght.


We adopted an AMAZING senior dog about a month ago and he is perfect! He fits in our family just right. He has a little brother Washington (in the picture) and they play together which is awesome. We fell in love with Rusty when we met him and love him even more today. He is our “Old Man”. Thank you for helping us find this great new part of our family.


MiMi FNA Granger

I work at a local animal shelter an happened to see a flyer for the shelter at work. On a whim I decided to call and come by to check out some kittens to hopefully add to my little family already. This was yesterday(9/29). Thanks to Deidra and Ken who were so awesome, I found the perfect little princess who is now named MiMi. She adapted so quickly and today she is a rambunctious purring machine. She fits in so wonderfully and also gets along with my other kitten and my bunny has even adopted her! Thank you guys soooooo much!!!!!


Ashton (Ash)

I found Ash (now Ashton) waiting for adoption in the holding area of the shelter (I’m a cat volunteer there as well). He has FIV and is a sweet, adorable gray maile cat (about 5). He can only be described as “a character.” He is a lively addition to our home which includes his older (quieter) sister, Holly (around 12), a FIV stray from MD. There is never a dull moment with paper tearing Ashton around. Both cats are happy and healthy with occasional turf wars! Thanks to the shelter staff, esp. Dalia, for letting me know about Ashton so I could add him to our family!


Thank you so much! GRACE KITTY….now Fiona…. is doing very very well. It has only been 2 days but she already comes out of hiding to say hello and explore new territory. She’s eating and has no issues using her box even though I switched litter to different type, got the corn type, ” worlds greatest cat litter.” Also she has an awesome disposition. She is the sweetest cat I’ve ever known. Loves giving and receiving affection 🙂 You guys are doing a great job, keep up the good work! Hugs

Salvador (Sal)

we went to get a dog at Alexandria Animal Welfare League but my boyfriend saw a cat but he really wanted not a cute kitten but a cat.This is a wonderful cat I am so glad we picked this cat out.he really enjoyed my other cat and he loves to givehugs and kisses couldn’t have found a better cat. Thank you