AWLA’s Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is appointed to serve the League and the general community in a number of ways. The Board provides leadership, guidance, and oversight to the League. It serves a critical role in the success of the League by providing the “big picture” view. The Board is governed by Bylaws that contain the overall structure and operations from which the Board functions.

Members of the Board are leaders in the community with an interest in the well-being of animals, with the influence to raise funds and the expertise to set direction and goals. Members act with the utmost integrity and strictly adhere to the League’s Conflict of Interest Policy and Code of Ethics. They work towards raising awareness of issues that affect the health and welfare of domestic animals. Additionally, members make a personal commitment to keep abreast of current trends and practices in the field.

Board of Directors

Jeff Lutton, Chair

Lynnwood G. Campbell, Treasurer

Jackie Cottrell, Secretary

Kirk S. Fedder

Joseph M. Gillmer

Suzanne Goulden

Jerry Hinn, DVM

Tina Leone

Sharon McMichael